Acknowledgement & Gratitude

Acknowledgement & Gratitude

As a certified co-occurring service provider, the Healing Hearts Foundation staff works with clients who are willing to explore recovery from both mental health and substance abuse issues. As co-occurring specialists, The HHF staff provides continual observations and evaluations of client’s needs in all areas of their lives as they move into recovery. We provide long term intensive outpatient treatment. As recognized trauma specialists we are funded to assist victims of violent crimes with substance abuse issues so they may find their way to healing. We facilitate gender specific trauma group processes weekly to assist victims in learning their trauma responses and how to initiate healthy behavior.

OCJP (Office of Criminal Justice Programs) has graciously granted us an opportunity to work with Victims of Violent Crime with Substance Abuse Issues.
This pilot program was established for Tennessee to determine the need for this program. This program has closed a gap in victim services. We are grateful to be the pilot program for this organization.

Victims of Violent Crime with Substance Abuse Issues

This program was created to address a gap in victim’s services. It is based on Seeking Safety that helps illuminate old behavior based on trauma and teaches new ways to think about trauma responses that may have exacerbated a situation. Substance Abuse is addressed as a way of coping that often escalated the situations. The outcomes of this program have been positive after 1.5 years of implementation.

The Tennessee Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services (TDHMSAS) provides funding that may cover the treatment expenses for those who qualify.
We acknowledge that The Department is unrelenting in finding resources and writing grants to help Tennesseans who are suffering from the disease of addiction and mental health issues and give thanks for their diligence and generosity.

ADAT (Alcohol Drug Addiction Treatment)
The ADAT Program was established to address treatment for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) offenders. This program provides one year of substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) for offenders. It also has an impact panel that consists of Victims of DUI offenders that the offender must participate with to better understand the consequences of their aberrant behavior.

SPOT (Supervised Probation Offender Treatment)
Spot was established for non-violent offenders with a history of past substance abuse. This treatment is a year-long outpatient program that helps offenders begin to understand the nature of their offenses so they can make healthy choices in the future.

TDOC CTC (Tennessee Department of Corrections Community Treatment Collaborative)
CTC is intensive outpatient treatment for parolees and probationers who have given a positive Urine Drug Scree. Probation officers are doing their best to give offenders a second chance to make healthy choices about substance abuse while they are on probation or parole so they do not have to return to incarceration. CTC treatment is a minimum of 3 months for an offender. Length of stay depends on the involvement of the participant.

COC (Block Grant Continuum of Care)
COC is a long-term intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) protocol for people who are seeking assistance with substance abuse issues. They do not have to have a history of criminal offenses to qualify for this contract. They are required to attend no less than three months and are assessed regularly to determine how they are progressing in their treatment. They may stay in treatment for up to one year.

ARP (Addiction Recovery Program)
ARP is a program designed for those who are in recovery and need ongoing therapeutic interventions to help them stay focused on recovery. They are encouraged to continue utilizing these services after completion of IOP. This contract offers employment counseling, learning to socialize without using substances, pastoral care, relapse education, and recovery skills classes.

Healing Hearts Foundation is funded by a grand from the State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (TDMHSAD). Whereby, no person in the United States or in Tennessee, shall on the basis of race, color or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal and/or Tennessee State funding assistance (Civil Rights Act of 1964; T.C.A. 4-21-904).

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