Future Plans

Future Plans

Healing Hearts Foundation is working toward opening Studio 1380, an audio and video recording studio. We feel that a lack of encouragement of creativity is a primary reason that people veer off into substance abuse. Studio 1380 is our way of offering clients an opportunity to go into a studio without having to pay to record their original music. We feel that this will make all the difference in how they move forward in their recovery.

Within Studio 1380 there are separate video and audio recording studios as well as a green room, a full kitchen, and a gym. This beautiful venue has the potential to become a beacon for healing through music creativity and performance, live streaming, and other creative outlets that we can share with the world.

The video studio is a large room with a vaulted ceiling, a light grid with some lights installed and a track that goes around 3 walls for hanging a green screen. The audio recording area includes a control room and 3 isolation rooms on a raised floor with enough electricity to run both studios  simultaneously.

Our heartfelt request is that you consider donating to this exceptional endeavor so we may jump start the opening of Studio 1380 for those who will benefit from this magnificent opportunity.

Healing Hearts Foundation: 1384 Madison Avenue | Memphis, TN 38104 | 901-726-4213 | jane@thehartcenter.org